The regular and planned maintenance of outdoor sports areas, such as running tracks and tennis courts, is imperative to keep them in optimum condition.

Cleanpark UK offer cost-effective cleaning regimes to keep your valuable investment in pristine condition. This ensures that the users of your sports facilities benefit from tracks and courts in the best possible condition, a particularly important consideration where paying customers are concerned.

In addition to ensuring that your surfaces maintain their original performance characteristics, regular maintenance helps to maximise the longevity of the surfaces themselves.

As outdoor sports facilities are continually exposed to mud, detritus, pollution, etc., the gradual accumulation often leads to a significant build-up of dirt over a period of months. This leads to slippery surfaces, poor appearance, makes markings less visible, causes surface degradation and can, in extreme cases, lead to drainage issues.

Cleanpark’s unique deep cleaning process ensures your running tracks, pitches or tennis courts are transformed and restored to their original condition. This helps to maintain income for revenue-creating sports grounds, reduces your total costs of ownership, and maximises the users’ experience.

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